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Absolutely, my fav person in the whole world was widowed in her late twenties and she raised her daughters by herself for a long time, and something happened in her church which she wasn't very happy about so she joined a new church. Well the new church she started to attend had some very nice women that she made friends with, and one in particular that she became very close with.

Well unfortunately that friend of hers became ill- cancer and less than 1 yr 2 live, and what a tragedy on her family and children. Since my Aunt and her friend were close, naturally she got to know her family, which was her husband and her 4 children, all grown but very close to each other.

Well my aunt brought food over to the house and of course offered her help in any way, after all she had been a widow. So she helped her friend's family with everything from the life insurance to the funeral to the closing of thier great-big house.

Well after about close to a year of processing all of the closing dates and all that- her friends husband husb asked her 2 dinner, she accepted. 1 yr later they married. he was 61, she was 58, they are so happy together and celebrated 10 yrs recently!!

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Yes, but why do you want to get married?

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My doctor just got married for the first time at 55. he married a 22 year old. may i suggest you steer away from the young girls.....its creepy.

but yes, I believe you could find someone wonderful at your age, and make it work.

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It is possible.

However for 45 year old men , the right women are between 18 and 21 .

So with that in mind get your perspective in order and happy hunting !

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I know a couple that are the most wonderful people, He is in his mid fifties and she is in her forties and they both had never been married before. I don't know of any two people more in love with each other and compliment each other in every way.

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I would think so, being alone for that long without marrying, well your only in your 40's right, so why not... compatability isnt about age, so the only one who really knows your intent and motivation, because people will ultimately make the choice of waht they want, if you had wanted marriage, you most likely would have done so, mabye now you are ready, only you really know what you are open to , so be positive, and see how it goes...good luck!

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I think it is MORE possible to be married to the right person at 45 than it would be at age, say, 21, because by age 45 you are more of a well rounded whole person who has lived a little and you know what kind of people are right for you more than at age 21, when your whole life is run by hormones! Just make sure that the person you marry is also experienced at life somewhat and together you could both share stories of seasonings of the past, as well as create new ones together!

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Certainly. I mean, why not?

I have married neighbors that are in their fifties and have been married less than ten years. They seem very happy and are both really nice people. Great neighbors.

I know it's not necessarily the trend, but I am in my forties now, and I'm not giving up yet.


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I dont see why not, I doubt your defective jaust because your 45 :), There are women who get to that age and have never been married, so your not alone

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