how do I change that? how do I become a better woman? how do I gain my confidence back?? :(
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It could be one of a million reasons. Don't look to blame yourself. It wasn't meant to be...that's all. There will be someone else but in the meanwhile try to find your own happiness.

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Falling in love and insecurity are two separate issues.

It is impossible to "make" someone love you. If you love someone, you love them. You see the greatness inside them regardless of whether they are insecure or confident, and you love that person. Trying to be or do what a guy wants you to be in order to make him fall in love with you is a lie that will always fail. His not loving you is not a reflection of how desirable you are. Sadly, he simply didn't love you in the way you wished.

My wife is one of the most competent and intelligent women I know. She also lacked self confidence and was horribly insecure when we married. Over the decades, I have watched her claim her power, find confidence, and struggle with her insecurities. I am proud of how far she has come and how strong she has become. I loved her when she was insecure and lacked confidence. I still love her now that she has found strength inside herself and faith in herself. My love was never conditional on those things. I love her for the greatness she has inside.

You will find someone who can see the greatness inside you, and will love you for it.

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oh my word! your words were extremely powerful and beautiful they made my eyes water. the love that you have for your wife is true love but for some reason I feel like that kind of love doesn't exist any more. :(

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It does. Seek wisdom. Seek your own truths. Find yourself. And it will come in God's time.

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if that could be a reason he didn't like you then yes

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Most healthy men do not like a clingy, insecure woman. Self confidence is sexy in a woman.

Clingy, insecure = needy

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