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lili86 lili86 22-25, F 7 Answers May 15, 2011

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Of course it's possible. You have to respect that person, more than anything, to admire that person, to accept him/her with all his/her faults and good things, to commit yourself a hundred percent, to accept all his/her bullshit, to love her/him in good and worst, to constantly work to make yourself a better person. it's more a decision and commitment, and compromise. Most love stories are doomed because people want to love and be loved, they just don't know how, and it's easier to get hurt and suffer, than to move on and make things work. and the most important things is to remain that person for which the other one can have the same feelings for all eternity. It's possible. And even if most relationships fail, divorce, stuff, and personal feelings like insecurities, pride, jealousy, dontknowwhatelse, it's possible to not forget, and to dream about only one person above anybody else.

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In love? Don't know, don't care.<br />
Undying commitment, love, and respect, yes.

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I love lots of people, but Im in love with my hubby and only him do I have a committed, loving relationship.<br />
Yes it is possible to just commit yourself to one person and to love them for the rest of your life.<br />
Loving another person isn't the hard part.. the hard part is working to keep the relationship going and strong. Being in a committed relationship, being married, takes time and effort. You have to be willing to make compromises and be willing to let some things roll off your back.. you each have to be willing to give 100%.. you have to have understanding, forgiveness, compassion, friendship, love, laughter and you have to work on your relationship everyday... you have to make it a priority. If you do,then Yes.. it is possible to be in love with just ONE person your entire life and be happy.<br />
(I have for 28 years now been with the same person... been married 26 of those years )<br />

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