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I am a tv installer. The other day I had a customer who had an old tv with only SCART inputs and an RF input. She also had a sky hd stb Which only had a HDMI output. I asked my supplier for a connection, or a convertor plug, which would convert 1 end of the HDMI lead to a SCART male, so I could plug into the tv. But he said "it don't exist" Any ideas??
expressomarkie expressomarkie 46-50, M 1 Answer Nov 25, 2012 in Community

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SCART is an analog standard, HDMI is digital there are boxes that will do the job but that's more cumbersome than useful

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Yeah he did mention a modulator of some description - and yes as you mentioned, scart is analogue, and hdmi is digital, but you try telling that to a sixty something year old customer!!

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