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Vladek Vladek 18-21, M 10 Answers Mar 3, 2014 in Food

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Yes, if I'm stealing that one french fry from someone else's plate. :) Don'tworry, they know I'm going to steal their french fry... I announce it so they have a fighting chance to protect their fry. :)

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Lol I take it you mean those horrible little stick like things

I really cant stand them but if grandchildren come in with a bag I may take one then complain how horrible they are

But then I cannot stand Mcdonalds either the smell just walking past is enough for me forget about even thinking of going in there.

Sorry guys know you all love Mcdonalds


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Not for me it isnt!

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Never D:

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Oh No! They are too adictive but if someone offers you one then i guess you have to deal with the one

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