Don't get a lobotomy dude. If your IQ is 162, it's approximately around where Mark Zuckerberg's is, which means you may go on to do incredible things for the advancement of society. I'm having a hard time of figuring out whether you're an aspie, but either way, that's irrelevant. Just learn a lot of stuff - preferably stuff that will make you money (finance, economics, math, comp sci, etc), talk to people ( it's kind of a necessary condition to get friends), and go to a good university, preferably an ivy or Stanford or the like. You'll meet people there who are smarter than your current peers (unless you're at Phillips Andover or something), and they would likely be able to relate to you or accept you. If you weren't officially diagnosed with Aspergers, don't sweat it. Even if you do, it doesn't really matter because you could still be successful if you just ignore your inhibitions and learn how social interaction works. The part about going to an Ivy League school is almost necessary though. Average people feel inferior to those with incredible intellect, and will ostracize you to the point where you think something is wrong with you. People with superior intellect will feel inferior to you as well, but they would be at least intelligent enough to treat you as they would anyone else. They can also relate better to you. As for looking like a girl - work out; for the stuff you wear - read men's fashion. Also, start branching away from physics, chem, etc, and try to spend your time doing normal things better than everyone else. Pick up a sport where strategy is important - everyone will be amazed by your talent there. Best of luck.

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