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If you're a wolf.

Some dogs have those too.

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Yes, No matter what you compare, if a person has their heart set on finding things, they will, even if there is nothing notable.

Best Answer is possible.When theres a ful moon I tend to go all Wolfy. You know how that goes..howling, loudly and then busting out the window to get free of this HEAT (Lawd I get so hot!) nails get even longer, and my teeth get incredibly long...Thank God this only happens occasionally...

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ya that happens to me also i can fell there is something is inside of me

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Depends on whether you are talking about the physical features or the psychological features. I have seen one guy on NAT GEO who has got himself tattooed and operated upon to resemble a wolf or a tiger or something. I doubt if he has got a brain implant too.

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so it is possible

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