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Some examples Jeffery Dahmer, Michael Hernandez, Ned Snelgrove, Luke Woodham, Eric Smith, etc. and more. is it rare or common for a good person who is a 'nerd' to suddenly change into an evil bloodthirsty person without the catalyst of bullying or mental illness. i have enough anxiety as it is, and I have a phobia of nerds (I'm being serious) and this is in my nightmares a lot especially since this person I know is a nerd complete with glasses nerdy stature and body and traits. he also looks like he has long legs very good to strangle a person with.
celestialwollf celestialwollf 16-17, M 10 Answers Nov 3, 2012 in Hobbies

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Some nerds go on to make great scientific discoveries that benefit mankind. And some like Bill Gates can buy your sorry ***.

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i like nerds and geeks,they help me figure out computer problems.

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A nerd can only receive so many wedgies before he draws the line. The wise would not cross it.

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