I've heard that some women can tell whether someone is wearing pantyhose under their jeans or pants even if it's completely hidden. Maybe judging from the way the jeans/pants sit on your legs and they way they wrinkle when you move. It sounds like nonsense to me, but then again I'm not so sure. P.S. I'm a guy who loves wearing pantyhose under my pants/jeans with absolutely no visible parts of it when outside in public and would like to know if it's possible some girls have figured it out, if they paid attention.
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I think static cling is how women can tell a man is wearing pantyhose under his pants. Until I discovered putting hand lotion on my hose, I had a woman at work who always stared at my legs when I was wearing pantyhose!

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I think, yes:

1. This static cling thing, your pants just don't move as freely especially in the lower leg.

2. Showing at the ankles, depends on the cut of the trousers as you walk though.

3. Where your Penis is, looks flatter, as the pantyhose holds it in.

4. Across your bum crack, the pantyhose will prevent your trousers from following the curves

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i grew up before panyhose was invented. so, i recall my mom teaching me how to properly attach and wear my nylon stockings and garterbelts etc., and that's when i was also made aware of when and how people would be able to notice i was wearing them under my slacks or other long attire where my nylon clad legs/feet would expose that i was wearing nylons.

but, when pantyhose came along. all of those telltale things from wearing garterbelted nylons, no longer applied to pantyhose. likewise, my wife has shared the same experience of never having anyone "noticing" that she was wearing pantyhose, like when she used to wear gartered nylon stockings.

the only time i've been known to reveal that i was wearing pantyhose that couldn't be "seen". was when my pantyhose could be "heard"! seems like, as i walked and the silky material of my slacks or pants was rubbing against my legs. there's a certain friction-like sound that the pantyhose makes with each step taken. anyone else ever experience that? i know it's happened more often while i've been out in a dress or short skirt. but, i've heard that sound from my wife and daughter too.

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was thinking the same thing about hearing the brushing sound,now i cant hear real good,but some pants seems a little louder,dress slack ,but jeans is not that noticeable to me

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Of course there is a special sound your nylon panties make when you walk. That is the most feminine sound you can make. It really turns me on!

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no not unless they do same thing under their clothing

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