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darkice123 darkice123 36-40, M 3 Answers Jul 13, 2011

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No. If that were so then the world wouldn't be the place that it is and I wouldn't be in the situation I am in either. When we believe, then our mind *searches* for ways; however, none of us can say we searched the way out our beliefs and it worked out *every* time. For all the possive vibes, thoughts, feelings, opinions and desires ... no one person can say they found their way to *all* things in this life which they believed in. It comes down to a categorical 'believe and you will find a way'. Clearly, this can never be considered an absolute because life itself holds too many variables, and whilst there are variables outside our control, then there can *never* be an absolute.<br />
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IMHO ... of course<br />
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Anything the mind conceives and can believe in can be achieved...

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