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how old are these people giveing this advise.. and how long have they been together.. if you have been married 30,40,50, years. with children and grand children. mabe great grand children...and one of them thinks the grass is greener. or there was something they missed out on.. that person should get thier head screwed on right.. and remember why they married in the first place. in a divorce there,is one that will think they are happy. the other will be the point it could kill them...if they can do that to thier

mate of 40 , 50 yrs. then they should get the hell out.. they are

bums and it didn[t just start.. I am sure they will go to Hell ..

I know for a fact. a lot of wifes. around the age of 50 yrs old go

crazy. and want out, be free.. and they do it.. then find another

man.. then find out he was the bum that left is wife. and your

are the wife bum.. that left you loving hushand..

but there is never any going back.. and I don't want her back.

I don't believe in divorce and then be friends..

yes I know just as many men do it as women.. I am 69 married

50 yrs to the only girl I every dated. did not drink, not abusive.loved

her more than myself.. worked hard make her a queen in the county

I have not finished the book I don't know how it is going to END


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If you are not happy and have tried everything you could possibly do to keep the marriage healthy and it remains unhealthy, then perhaps divorce is the best solution. If you are spending more time thinking about a way out, you should divorce. If you feel you could be happier without him/her and still wish the other person happiness, then think of yourself and your happiness. Life is short, live it to its fullest. Be happy, you'll live longer......way beyond age 65.

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Speaking from the disadvantage of operating from the "unknown zone" I would just say, Life Is Short. You know what I mean. It's too short to be unhappy. You alone know what you need to know. I would only suggest that "Happiness is a choice, so choose wisely."

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wow, this is a tragic question. um, if you have considered all the possible outcomes and are prepared for the consequences then yes. but you have to think very deeply about it, make sure you have tried your best to make it work. don't rush it. just take it slow and you'll know when the time is right.

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I am 65 (almost) and my husband is 67. It is really tough to divorce due to the effect it will have on other family members. I have really been considering it, and in my case I don't think I would be worse off. At least I could visit and make friends with other men and at least share a friendship, which is more than I have with my husband.

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Happiness is a goal that is never too late to acheive. Do what you must for YOURSELF, even if it is hard to go through initially. Everyday will get better, bit by bit.

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It is still your life, regardless of how far along the road you've traveled.

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It is worth getting a divorce if you feel you want/need one.

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It depends on the situation. If the persons are like in a living hell - it's better to get divorced but they must try to do their best to stay together if this is possible because they already gone through so much together... why not complete it together?

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Yes if you are unhappy absolutely I got a divorce just last year and I couldn't be happier, You are still young in my eyes and you can move on at any age. Good Luck and stay strong.

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You might as well wanna look at it from a different point of view: is the fact, that you turn 65 years old and your husband is 67, a reason to stay together, if you are not happy? I can not find any connection there. Do what your heart tells you.

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