Due to my family's economic situation, I don't want to have gone to college, have spent money and time just to face a hard time finding a job. Is it a good idea to go to community college and get an associates degree in nursing? based on my research, nursing is a career in high demand, will I have a hard time finding a job as opposed to someone who has a bachelors degree in nursing from a good university?
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I would have much rather gone to a simple vocational school.

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Yes and no.

Yes, because colleges provides you best methods of learning.

No, because education is means and not purpose of

human life. It is wrong to think that Ph.D is true symbol

of knowledge and happiness.

As human beings, each one of us has particular ways

for self-realization depending our our capabilities.

We need physical education to provide sustenace for the body.

Then human education for maintaining social harmony.

And divine education to embark on the eternal journey

back to the One True God, the ultimate purpose of all life.

We have free will to choose our way of learning to live

happily, usefully and progressed. If we feel that our life

is not satisfactory, we can rethinl and make new choices

again and again, until when we really feel good.

Wishing you success.

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From your description it seems that you should not go to college. A lot of people are going to uni and coming out with very little job prospects. Get your nursing degree in the community college and you will have no problem finding a nursing job if they are in high demand and you apply everywhere!

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Check what's needed for RN status anything less is not worth it. Also you might check into paramedic training, thats what I did, only took 1 year worked out pretty good.

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A college is for finding work.

University is basic rub in on rub it off.

A collective of knowlege not nessesary, but work related in ways.

It is to fine tune the younger generation to bring them up to speed by twenty years.

At any rate employers are looking at you practicum.( college will accomodate ad in some cases find you a job before ending your course.

So for now best is get a part time job in anything and that will add to your resume.

And College is OK.

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Education is ALWAYS worthwhile ans can lead to the next step. These days its all about "Life Long Learning, so dont stop. Even if you never use any of it to get a paying job it will help you evolve into a better person with greater capacities in so many areas.

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I think getting a two year degree at a community college is a good idea. My plan was similar. I got my two year degree for paralegal studies and now I have a good job and I only have two years until I get my bachelors degree in a great school. Most community colleges have transfer agreements with some awesome schools. I will be able to put myself through law school and it is all because I knew if I got two year degree I would be able to get a decent job so I can pay my way through the rest of school and I will be worth a hell of a lot more money than if I would have done nothing or stopped after my associates. Getting an education is always worth it because you are worth so much more money as an employee once you have a degree. I hope you get to do all the things you are dreaming of. Good luck!

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Nursing is a great field. The best people in the world are nurses. Take the first step.. an associate degree is a great economic compromise, and still moves you forward. Good thinking, dear. Go for it.

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NO !!

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not in America.

try some other countries. maybe india, I hear they have great schools that are extremely cheap compared to the education system in the US.

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If you do your research... some CC credits are transferable to some Universities... so you could start out with the CC degree and move to the University one later if you wanted... this is a much more economical option.

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