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my best friend always leave me and she says goodbye every easily but leaving her hurts more i always say sorry and be her friend again she loves me and care for me i have other friends but they all r fake i try my best to not talk to her but it hurts is it worth it form me to cry and get her back every time she tells me to her everything but today she went out with my friends took picture and she was trying to make me jealous but when i got jealous she was like goodbye and she left me and know i apologies to her and made her talk to me again she always makes me weak i have never been this weak in my life i get this weak people tell me goodbye and alot of things but it never meant to me anything except her i cry just saying bye i love her more than anyone and once i had a friend that girl and i were getting close but she got jealous and made me fight with that girl but i love her so much i am lost what should i do
mary3000 mary3000 16-17, F 2 Answers Apr 17, 2014 in Community

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All one sentence??? Too hard to read ..

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ok is it worth it to continue with someone who hurt u just because u love them

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