All the events in the Bible really happened? It's all true?
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Yes, Jesus really is the son of God; He said so, and He was no liar. Did He really die on a cross? Yes, it was witnessed and recorded and the Cross was later found and divided into many precious relics. Did He really rise from the dead? Yes, He really did; it is the event upon which our Faith is based, as St Paul put it, "And if Christ be not raised, then your Faith be in vain, and ye be yet in your sins..." (1 Corinthians 15:17) The Bible is God's revelation to us, but it is a library of works of different genres and not all events are historical; some are allegories. It is necessary to read it with an authoritative guide.

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Human imagination is mind blowing, sometimes we can't let our selves be to obsessed with it that once we start to think it is real. It's just a story, result of our ancestors imagination.

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Jesus died for our sins...but he rose from the dead...and now he wants our BRAAAINS!

So If we eat his flesh and drink his blood we can live forever as a giant horde of undead zombies! Won't that be wonderful?


*looks at answer*


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In simple terms....


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u want me?

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sorry I don't want anybody but I do want some skittles

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yes , he died physically but not spiritually , and yes he did rise from the dead

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No, yes, maybe

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All perspective and how you take it, maybe its a future story, maybe jesus was a lizard man, maybe its all astrological. In the end we all know you decide what it is and you decide how you accept it all.

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Yes. Next question....

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You need to take it in faith. It's the only way to truly believe that everything in the bible actually happened. I believe that Jesus really is the son of God and that he died on a cross so that we all have a chance to live with him in Heaven. He rose from the dead, partly to show us that he never really died; he just died from this world. :-)

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yes to all three but you have to find the faith to believe for yourself and not listen to all the phonies out there that claim differently..there is proof out there(not just the Bible) you just ahve to look for it. People who claim that there is proof otherwise by claiming that events didn't happen are just using their own false belief's to mis-lead people, they are false prophets and shouldn't be listened to at all.

You have to discover for yourself

And yes there is proof that Christ died on the cross(read history)

And yes he really did raise up from the dead(proof) and it isn't physcially impossible like others claim for the Son of God(he raised up people from the dead himself)

Is he the Son of God? I believe he is but you have to find that out for yourself

God Bless and have faith

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God came down to Earth...

and selected a Married virgin to impregnate...

SO his son... an Equal of himself along with another I/3 equal Spirit...

Could be a three headed Godhead... for all the humanoids to worship!


That sounds just *******.... Brilliant! * Barf *

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Over 30 people have claimed to be the son of God (including Jesus). They were lying

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Jesus as son of God: Yes, but so is everyone else.

Die on cross: No - and I can show you NT evidence proving that (if we refer to oldest texts in original koine Greek and Aramaic)

Rise from the dead: As in physically? No. That's a physical impossibility.

Biblical acocunts true? There is not a Jewish scholar who has studied the matter who thinks that the Biblical Exodus occurred. There is not a legitimate scientist who cannot prove that Noah's flood didn't happen. There is not a legitimate scholar of NT times that doesn't believe the christian "take" on the often-changed Bible.

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a) Yes, Yes, and Yes.

b) No, No, and No.


a) Jesus, the Holy Spirit, is really the Son of God

Who manifests Himself from the Divine Kingdom.

Jesus, the son of Maria, really dies on the cross.

The Christian Church, the life of Jesus on earth,

rises from the death, when Mary Magdalena calls

back the scattered disciples.

b) Jesus, the son of Maria, is the Son of Man.

His body dies on the cross and stays forever on earth.

Only His Spirit exists eternally. It is really impossible

to believe that the Holy Spirit can be killed for

three days, or even for one second!

God is like the Sun, the Holy Spirit its Light,

Jesus the Perfect Mirror reflecting the Light.

Believing that the Son of God to be killed is

lowering the omniscience and omnipotence of God.

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not one human on this earth, can answer that question my friend. there was no types of recording devices, and no one from that time is still alive. everyone can make the best guess at it. i mean hey, its 50/50 chance. lol my advice for u is to ask God urself. if ur spirit truly wants to know something, it will find out. just dont let ur human mind distort what u find out. and keep the answer to urself. whether its a yes or a no. if u find out its a lie, prepare for it. if u find out its true, prepare for it. have fun on ur journey friend

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No. Likely. No.

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I'd must say no but that is hard for many people to admit. Why do people need to have a religion and god is something I don't understand.

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Yes, might as well be the son of the wind.

Maybe, as many others. Remember there was no TV back then to entertain people.

Nope. Don't be silly.

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