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Well, me and my best friend used to hold hands, hug, cuddle and everything a lot (Both same Gender) There's nothing wrong about that right? or? So, every time i try to hold her hand in public, she wouldn't hold it, but she would hold her other best friend's hand but not mine. She would only hold my mine on the times that the place isn't public or school. Like, when i come over, she would hold my hand and everything, but she'd act grossed out in school, why? I don't even know, what do you think that's all about? I mean, she does that with her other best friend, (She's not ashamed of me, just sayin, shes not that kind of person) So during break times, she would go to her other best friend and hold her hand and tell her to come closer to her and she keeps staring at me when she does that, and when i look back at her, she looks away. We used to do all these things everytime i came over (I was in a diff school, but i moved to her school after 2 yrs, i came over every week)What do you think?
levinel levinel 13-15, T 1 Answer Dec 1, 2012 in LGBT

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