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My car is 10 yrs old, petrol and has done 110k miles. It's used 2 litres of oil in the last 6 months, doesn't sound too great intermittently but still goes fine. Should I be worried?
louella louella 36-40 2 Answers Sep 11, 2009

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A ten yr old car will use a little oil as the gaskets are probably a little worn. There is one key question about using oil and you can answer that by looking at the radiator cap. If there is a milky look to the oil around the cap or something that looks like soap suds then you probably have a blown head gasket or even a cracked cylinder head. Get it looked at.

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Yep - that's worrying. My car is 15 years old, has triple that mileage, and doesn't burn any oil. Get it checked by a mechanic.

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