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My friend in my dreams looks, acts, and has the same voice in my dreams like he does in real life, but in my dreams he is evil and wishes to torture and kill me, eg. shoving my face into boiling water, forcing me to eat poison, shoving me down the stairs, choking me, etc. so I am wondering if this is really my friend, or just a different person pretending to be him in my dream. My friend is extremely sweet and loyal, and he's never done anything bad to me, only in my dreams. I also need to know a remedy for the pain you get after you've been choked because when he chokes me in my sleep(dream) i wake up with a bruise on the front of my neck and I am in pain for 3 days straight. I would also like to know why a person would repeatedly slam my head against the ground whilst screaming at me to die when I did nothing to him.
hallquartez hallquartez 16-17, M 2 Answers Nov 22, 2012 in Parenting & Family

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If he is not real...I am full dreams...''':)

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