My sisters has a best friend (who happens to be a boy) but they're always hugging and kissing, like if they were a couple but when people ask they just reply they're friends, I'm really worried of my sisters image and her way of acting, she hasn't been the same, she even prefers him over me. Can anyone help?!
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I am a guy, and my best friend is a girl. We are close in so many ways, probably closer than most couples you'd find around, but we both insist on just being best friends for the time being. And we've had this for a year now, and I still love her as much as day 1, and things are going well. We do hug, and kiss on the cheek and so on, and nobody complains once they're used to it.

And she's your sister, of course it'll seem like she prefers him sometimes, that's just sibling dynamics. I love my siblings really. (well mostly anyway)

Let her enjoy herself and be how she wants to be with him. I'm sure you'll meet a guy like that someday, and the way it sounds, you may already know your future brother in law ;)

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My best friend is guy too! We have a way of doing things and have lots of fun together!
Thanks for the brother in law thing it really perked me up! Maybe its hard getting used to seeing my sister like this... I really don't want to get jealous but it's really frustrating.

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Her younger sis got jealous of me too at the beginning, it took her a little time to warm up to me, and now I see her as practically my own little sister. Although there are times she wants to be involved a little too much in what I do with her sister, but 9 year olds will be 9 year olds.
Everything will work out, trust me :)

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Nah I learned my lesson, I never get involved cause when I was younger my sister would kick me out if conversations and groups in front of the whole school, so yeah I keep my distance.
But it's still annoying when I try to talk and she completely ignores me!
To be honest the diferance in our age isn't much, she's only ten months older.

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Well I'm kind of relieved to hear that my best friend isn't the only one who kicks out sisters, I was getting worried. But in the end she always loves her sister, I know she does, and your sis loves you and cared for you just as much. She'll show it when the time is right. Just stick to your friends for the time being, and enjoy your youth and freedom ;)

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Thanks to this situation I'm actually connecting more with my little bro... he's three years younger than me and is super crazy! So yeah maybe my sister ignoring me is a good thing.

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Every cloud has a silver lining :)

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