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More like the symptoms of ignorance and fear. The cure is education, understanding and tolerance.

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A little willing communication might help too.

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if racism is a disease i think it could be cured if one morning all the racists woke up in a different body. a body that was from the people or persons that they are racist against.

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education, and the ability to fully understand what you have learned.

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Biologically, no.

Metaphorically, it is pathological and dysfunctional both for society and individuals,

for both the hater and the hated.

There need to be several methods of cure all applied simultaneously and continually.

Our education system can teach, throughout all levels, the reasons why and how all people are born equal... (see my story "On Equality)...

We could also incorporate these principles into culture and the media in all its forms.

We can modify the laws on free speech to make it illegal to inflame actions of racial or cultural hatred,

based on evidence of actions thus influenced.

We can do research on Google about different races.

We can choose to get to know people of different cultures races and religions, so that we have the opportunity to see the flaws in our preconceptions.

Whenever we have a chance, say sitting next to someone on a bus, we can say "Hi! I hope you don't mind, but I've never had the chance to talk to a... before. Do you mind if I ask you a few things about

how you live, believe, and what life is like for you?"

I am reading an English translation of the Koran, and trying to teach myself Arabic.

Already I have discovered the most Muslims are moderate people, struggling to be better than they are, and many are very pleasant people.

I've discovered its easier and simpler for me as a woman to relate to other women who happen to be Muslim, but that the men are somewhat apt to make false assumptions unless very quickly and directly corrected.

I've discovered that looking them in the eyes with a long gaze is not considered flirtatious but a necessity of polite behaviour. Listening silently is courteous. Showing enthusiastic interest is courteous. And if I offer hospitality or generosity, it will be overwhelmingly reciprocated.

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wearing nappies

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alcoholism is a disease. not racism. race discrimination is learned behavior. it is passed on from generation to generation. all discrimination is. it gets a chance for reprieve when one person breaks that pattern. that person passes new thought to the other. it's a chain reaction. all social media has the chance to break discrimation of all time. we are becoming more evolved. spiritually. there will be a day and soon that race of any sector is acceptable. racism is dying.

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