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Okay there is this friend of mine who always calls and texts me even when i don't answer, 2 weeks ago was the last day of school for us anyways summer or not she calls and texts even if it's 3 am once she texted around 3am saying "I know you are awake, answer me" like wth? we were very close friend but the closer i got to her the more i realized she is needy. I've been ignoring her calls and texts for weeks now but yesterday she texted saying "Please pick up are you okay? is anything wrong?" and i didn't want her to worry so i answered that i'm great and everything is fine but then she started calling and texting again and her texts are so looooong and full of <3 :* like what is wrong with her? i told her that it's annoying but she still does it and i can't turn my phone off coz i need it so...
SAVEtheHER0 SAVEtheHER0 18-21, F 1 Answer Jun 8, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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i think she has a crush on you!

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Nah she loves her cousin ......... who is a guy haha lol

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hahaha okay that might be even weirder than if she had a crush on you

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Really? i thought having a crush on me is weird and i actually thought what if she is les? o.0

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its not that uncommon!

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