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Yes it is :-(((((((((((((((<br />
Its not gonna hurt if you dont do it that often tho and lifes short so enjoy yaself :-D

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Of course the tobacco gets lit--it's burned by the charcoal chunk. But the water cools the smoke, so I guess maybe that makes it a bit healthier---maybe. But you're still breathing in the smoke and tars, etc.

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Eh. You inhale smoke. Smoke is bad for your lungs and causes breathing issues, period.
Steam stones are kinda like vaping vs. smoking.
Molasses in stead of Tobacco is free from Nicotine.
Tobacco contains Nicotine, Tar and is basically the same thing as smoking. Xcept is tastes better. I smoke hookah too, and yeah it gets baked, but you are still inhaling.

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