I believe it has improved greatly. See why below. Mad Men Psyche Burn Notice Rozz and Isles Fox News MSNBC CNN PBS- Nova, Fontline, Downtown Abbey, MasterPiece Theater, Rise To Candleford Ancient Aliens Swamp People Once Upon A Time The Walking Dead Criminal Minds Pretty Little Liars. The ratings in tv are up 35%. Do I really have to name any more. We are seeing a much darker, sinister, deep, melodramatic, spiritual tone to tv nowadays. The theme is about rebellion. Its about darkness. Its creative, bold, imaginative,and daring. The movies are the same. Is this a reflection of our world.
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Much worse with SOME exceptions (such as Through the Wormhole).

What kind of person is ABLE to watch an entire episode of Criminal Minds? Who would want their minds taken to such otherwise inconcievable places? What kind of person does it take to teach sociopaths how to increase their skills at sadism?

Broadcast networks are teaching people how to think with such shallowness that too many call lies truth and can't tell a distraction from truth.

My mind is the most valuable part of me. I carefully nurture it. I do not allow it to be assaulted.

I miss shows like Dharma & Gregg, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Rocky & Bullwinkle. They are fun recreation. It used to be that I could get great programming on TLC (The learning channel) and Discovery (that was also dedicated to learning). Now they are on the opposite end of where they started.

TV is a testament to why America is so broken. Those who still watch it indiscriminately are the ones who are contributing to the problems that we all face.

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No better, no worse.

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worse. its all about catching bad guys or women and putting them in jail. there are too many of the same type of show. lets get more variety. how about bringing back the old varity shows where they biuld up people not tare them down.

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Last year the mayor of NYC arrested 26 reporters to prevent them from covering Occupy Wall Street and congress debated allowing the military to suspend habeas corpus altogether and round people up like cattle. Almost nobody said boo on the air if they even mentioned the events. Before that a court in Florida decided Fox news could legally fire reporters for refusing to lie on the air about even egregious public health hazards. I'd have to definitely say TV is getting worse in the ways that really count.

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Worse = Boring

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