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What I've been told there is a deep web/hiding web that contains info that isn't intended for the public.Therefore it's deep/hiding.
ViciousVinny ViciousVinny 16-17, M 3 Answers Aug 7, 2012 in Community

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I'm not qualified ,, not 'deep' enough to reply/comment,,, lol

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I know what it is. I went on it once and trust me it is not a happy place at all! You can't get on it through a regular browser such as safari or mozilla. To get on here you need a TOR browser. You can literally find anything on the deep web but be careful where you tread.. you might just find yourself on some pedo ****! There is actually lots of pedo ****! BUT if you just want to browse things you'd never expect to find you can get on the "black market". NOW that is interesting.

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