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I really don't know most days. Sometimes I'm the one who is pouring. Sometimes I'm the one who is drinking Sometimes I'm the one who let's it spill all over myself. One thing is for sure. I am grateful for every little drop of good that does come my way

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If you ask an optimist, it's half full.

If you ask a pessimist, it's half empty.

If you ask an engineer, they will reply that it is half fulfilled to the maximum quantity it was built to withhold.

If you ask a scientist, they will reply it's always full, just of more or less depending on the liquid to oxygen ratio.

If ya ask me, it's just a half a damn glass of water.

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half is water and half is air :)

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Haha, right on. We've got the same way of thinkin' ;)

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Well, that depends, are you filling it up or drinking it down?

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When I consider a glass of something I rarely do so by considering what it isn't a glass of. To consider a glass "half empty" disregards the quality of its contents. I don't recall having ever been considered an optimist, but I don't really see it as an optimism vs. pessimism matter. There is important information present (the contents of the glass) and to speak in terms which overtly disregard them makes the communicator less credible and the listener poorly informed. We have a responsibility to each other. We can help each other by offering what we have at our disposal or we can hinder each other by denying or concealing what we have. We are one. If we choose to help, we are helped ourselves and, if we don't, we aren't. Not only is the glass half full, but I'll tell you what it's half full of if it's not already clear that you know. You might not like the contents, but, you can be sure, I'll let you know both the quality AND the quantity.

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I love your answer... the serious enquiry into what motivates the particular angle of view, way of perceiving.
And I love the ethical truth and unconditional loving kindness in the alternative responses you offer.
On a semantic quibble, wouldn't a solipsist say the whole perception, including the glass, is an illusion of the mind? I'm curious how you chose this name.

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ah, yes, but the term "perception" is the key. While I can't be determinate about existence, I can ponder perception... it's the only thing that separates one from an eternity of nothingness. Regarding the choice... I don't recall having made a choice for anything other than "understanding". I didn't choose solipsism, and I may have only chosen understanding because I had always been a solipsist but just wasn't always phrasing the nature of my existence with such a term. (P.S. Even the mind is an illusion.)

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Neither--it's just too big.

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The glass is completely full. There are air molecules that take up the space the liquid does not. Therefore it's neither. Hmph..

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my cup runneth over!

edit: theres a meme about this.

pessimist: half empty optimist half full. realist half filled. alcoholic : vodka should be drank already. philosopher: should be examined from many points of views. kleptomaniac: it might fit in my pocket, etc etc.

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no dont worry theres a trap door that seeps into my shoe (specifically designed for alcamahol)

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Why can't it be both? One half is full of water and the other half has nothing but oxygen inside of it.

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my first thought is that some bastard's been drinking from my glass...

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technically it's 100% full

50% water

50% air

that makes 100%

seems pretty full to me

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the glass broke, now i have a can, and its empty, dammit

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The glass is always full. Half full with liquid, half full with air. Realism over optimism/pessimism.

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To answer the question glass half full/half empty, I need to revisit 2011:

January - 4-1/2 feet of snow that stuck around for 3 months - roofs collapse, trees down, roads impassable, power out all over the New England area. People lose power for over a week. Insurance companies not happy.

February - ice storm froze on top of the 4-1/2 feet of snow. More roofs collapse. Insurance companies cranky.

March - rain, rain, rain which froze on top of the ice on top of the 4-1/2 feet of snow, growing it to 5 feet! Homes with collapsed roofs now contain indoor ice skating rinks. Insurance companies now just plain surly.

April - rain, rain, melting snow, melting snow, bringing floods, floods, floods. Indoor ice skating rinks turn into indoor swimming pools. Insurance companies consider bankruptcy.

May - ahhhh... rain, rain, but gentler, warmer rain. Perhaps spring is in the air? Insurance companies see relief on the horizon.

June - no spring - just more rain straight into 95 degrees and sweltering, but hot enough to dry out so folks can fix those collapsed roofs. Insurance companies giddy with joy until… Uh oh.... was that a TORNADO that came through and destroyed a huge chunk of our City and State? Yepper, definitely a TORNADO. Insurance companies go insane.

July - cleaning up after tornado and ... guess what? EARTHQUAKE! You heard it right ... EARTHQUAKE! Buildings evacuated, cracks in foundations, walls splitting apart. House actually swirled and waved. Insurance companies hire shamans to do their "calm weather" dance and prayers.

August - what would August be without.... a HURRICANE!!! .... toppling trees, breaking windows, ripping up homes, and of course, who could forget the floods? HUGE FLOODS. BIBLICAL PROPORTION FLOODS! Bring out the Ark! Insurance companies realize no amount of shamans or prayers will help.

September - still cleaning up destroyed homes, destroyed crops, destroyed lives … you get the picture. Insurance companies are resigned to their fate - they will actually have to PAY OUT millions this year rather than raking it in.

October - The great Nor'Easter of late October gave us 16" of heavy, wet snow, knocking down trees, power lines, phone lines, cable lines, remaining roofs caved in, roads blocked, people without power for over a week. Trees landed on deck, fence, garage and car. Our insurance carrier came, took a look, threw hands up and surrendered! And people are STILL CLEANING UP FROM January's snow storm, April's floods, June's Tornado, July's earthquake and August's hurricane and floods.

November - The way this year has been going, I predict a plague of locusts.

December - The only thing left is for the sun to crash into the earth and fry us all to a crisp.

I will be so glad when 2011 is over. At least when I go, it will be with a lovely tan and a sense of humor.

Ha ha. The glass is half full.

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Actually there is no glass its all just illusion ;)

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Lets be happy for the people throughout history who saw the glass as half empty, b/c they were the ones who strived to "make the glass full"

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truth is...there is no glass...its all an illusion set up by the machine mind and overlords.

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The Optimistic sees the glass half full.

The Pessimistic sees it half empty.

The Psychologist is concern about HOW the glass feels... :)

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um, it's both! half empty and half full! Doesn't any one else see it this way?!?

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I'll drink it either way

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