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It´s part of our future DNA

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things strange cousin

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Interesting question. A place generally has a physical location, and the best the internet can offer for a physical location would be, "earth." A thing generally has to have some matter or mass, which in fact the internet doesn't have either. Simply put, it's an electrical connection between millions of computers around the world, that cannot be seen or heard, or even its physical presence defined by the way we define most things' presences in this world. We are able to see evidence of the network, but we're not able to see the actual network. It's frankly just too far spread out for us to see. So to answer your qusestion, being it has no physical presence to speak of, and has no defined physical location, I'm going to have to go with: "neither. It's an idea."

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My Brain hurts

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It depends on the context in which the word is being used.

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Internet is an immense thing like the universe.

We can see it partly, not completely.

We use only a little part of it as we use

little part of the universe.

It is a living thing: it grows, it develops. it reproduces.

Some old websites die, some new ones appear.

It is really interesting to live in this new Age of @,

of light speed interactivity, of unimaginable change.

Wishing that the mature mankind will use it wisely

and not falling into wrong use as with atomic power,

TNT, other chemicals....

We should use it to serve love, unity, peace.

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It's a pling.

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they got their eyes on your prize

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It's a second planet earth.

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A thing (in my opinion)

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