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The Partridge Family may have been viewed as a hokey t.v. show of the 70's but as you think about the words that David Cassidy sang in his song, "I think I love you," it makes you wonder if the reason people are afraid to fall in love is because of fear. He expressed: "I think I love you, so what am I so afraid worries me to say that I've never felt this way. Believe me I only wanna make you happy, and if you say, "hey go away I will," but I think better still I'd rather stay around and love you think I have a case, let me ask you to your face." I think I love you. Note how he says, "think," versus "know." What is meant by a love there is no cure for?
SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F 3 Answers Feb 26, 2012

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I think anytime a person pegs love as a temporary burst of affection that's just supposed to last forever your killing love before it starts. love to me is more of a process it reminds me of raising a child. you get together with someone and your birth this new emotion / feeling love. love can be draining, tiring, frustrating, even irritating but all of those should be brief moments love is the other 70 -80% that is the pleasure and joy you appreciate about that other person . Love is largely a sacrificial undertaking much like parenthood you put into love and ideally what you put in you get out and that's what keeps love alive both partners maintaining and carrying to make sure lives , survives, and possibly even thrives. <br />
<br />
ultimately I do believe in a love that doesn't die but not because it is magical nor because it is perfect but because it's a commitment and an investment almost that you and another person agree to take on. much like we as people love grows changes, expects more or less, desires more or less, and you and your partner have to be willing to make the necessary adjustments. at the end of the day love i work that's well worth it.

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Very sweetly stated. Thank you. :)

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