I found out for two months now that i have acid reflex. it\'s just really depressing because i\'m a singer and I enjoy singing so much. Acid reflux really affects my voice. My voice is not as strong as it once was and i don\'t want to lose it. Is there anything i can do to get rid of this? and what can i do to protect my voice?
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I had this, too...Here's the skinny on it.....

1) Tagament or OTC drugs with K2 Beta Blockers will provide fast and temp relief.....That said...You can only take them for 2 weeks then back off because while reducing the acid, your reducing the body's functions to digest food properly...

2) With acid reflux, the sphincter muscle at the top of the stomach, bottom of the esophagus, doesn't close fully, allowing acid up into the esophagus...This erosion over time creates Barrettes Syndrome...and reducing your esophagus' ability to grab and "pull down" food...If allowed over a long time, it "could" be cancerous ....

Cure: I took "the cure" - Surgery to repair the Sphincter known as LES...

Pro - You never have to take another pill or suffer from reflux again.

Con - You can never belch or throw up again....

Its been 5 years for me since I took the surgery....Its been great!

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Now this is the most informative post I have ever seen in regards to a medical question on here. Thank you.

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@ Tony...Thanks! Experience and a lot of money will do that haha! :)

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I wish there was a way that some of the posts like this could be made more prominent somehow Its by shear chance that it saw this and I'm glad I did.and also

"people are their own best advocates for their own health" priceless

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@ Bob...Thanks and Yes, I believe they are....We sort of live in a world where "they'll fix it"...:)

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First, don't get pulled in by the medical technobabble. Itjust means you have chronic heartburn and gas.

Next, take a look at your diet, and see if there's anything you eat frequently that is upsetting your GI tract.

Oftentimes, "acid reflux" can be "cured" simply by taking better care of yourself. There are doctors out there putting their kids through college by dealing with this like it's something serious every time.

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@ The - It IS...Something serious - Read my original....I thought this way once too.

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Of the three people I've known that were diagnosed, one of them had a case as sever as yours. The other two were getting suckered. One of those two was my gf at the time. Here's the sick part: her bff was a clerk at the E/R in a nearby hospital, married to one of the resident MDs. Word got back to us that in the lunchroom, several physicians were bragging about how a certain specialist - naming the one my gf was seeing - was making a killing doing endoscopies on chronic heartburn cases.
I'm not going to say what you went through is fiction. But I will say it's a close match for an easily handled condition, so it's a heavily overdiagnosed pathology.

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@ The.....OKkkkkkkk, but, being esophagus cancer has about a 1% survive rate...makes it one of the worst to cure and even if it is, you're never the same....My Uncle died of it in 1997.....and when one cannot eat correctly or enough...There's a whole other set of horrors........That said, the "doctors" have to be "checked" by 2nd opinion....I probably gave this kid more information then they did....Thats why people are their own best advocates for their own health..:)

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Indeed. Let's just say see if diet is involved first, since it costs nothing to try and doesn't take long to figure out. THEN get professional advice if needed, and have it confirmed - but be advised: medical practitioners are in a brotherhood. A 2nd opinion isn't always actually a second opinion.

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@ The - Oh.....I think today everyone is on to that one and if they're not...Shame on them...Point taken

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Yes, I had it..

It's all in your diet. Junk in, junk out.

Eat healthy, drink lots of water, take your vitamins...

I was prescribed everything and nothing worked for very long.

I don't use any sugar or artificial sweeteners anymore, gluten free, blah blah blah...

Eat healthy

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Not that simple sometimes.....

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change your diet stay away from spicy and acidic foods

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@ That's not it...In fact, Garlic and Onions are great for the stomach

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Metaclopramide worked for me. It's supposed to calm down stomachs, but it worked like a dream!

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Omeprazole works great for me.

Get this taken care of. Acid reflux can cause all sorts of problems with the esophagus including degeneration, bleeding, inflammation, and cancer as well as ulcers and scarring.

This disease is often known as GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), is very treatable and...there's no reason it would affect your voice lol.

You voice comes from expelling air from your lungs through the larynx and out.

If the reflux is severe enough that it comes up the back of your throat, hits your epiglottis and goes down info your lungs (this used to happen to me at night, so I'd wake up coughing and it'd leave a bad taste in my mouth) then it could erode your vocal chords too, but highly unlikely.

So, get a one a day pill and sing happy.

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Research the benefits of apple cider vinegar. It is powerful for many reasons, but specifically with acid reflux. If you choose this remedy be certain to get the kind that has "the mother" in it. Good luck

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Try to go gluten free. For years and years and years, we've been plagued by acid reflux..... Dr. Oz show a few weeks ago discussed the impact of gluten and how it can cause reflux. We went gluten free, and the reflux ceased IMMEDIATELY -- like that very night it stopped. If wife has even a single flour tortilla, acid reflux starts right back up in an hour.

I'm no doctor and encourage to visit your doc about the reflux, but for us, going gluten free has been a complete miracle cure for it.

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