Or are they just different words both saying they want in your pants? LOL
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In my mind, there is a difference between hot and beautiful. A woman can be beautiful without being hot. I truth, I think a woman can also be hot and not beautiful, but it is somewhat rarer that this is the case.

Beauty is natural. A woman is either born beautiful or not. Sometimes a minor flaw in beauty can be corrected with cosmetic surgery or cosmetics, but in general you are born with it. Even some older women can retain their beauty well into old age. It has to do with symetry, proportion, and features.

"Hot" is a combination of attitude, dress, beauty, and raw sexuality. A hot woman knows she is hot and revels in showing off her hotness. In truth, many "hot" women are not terribly nice and are often narcissistic and self-centered. A Hot woman gets enjoyment from being the center of attention, from being desired by men, and from being despised by "lesser" women. The net effect of the hot woman's looks and personality sends almost irresistible signals to everyone around her that she is a sexual being.

Hotness can be nurtured, developed, and learned by a physically attractive or beautiful woman, although more often than not, it develops over time starting in childhood.

The difference to guys are that they want to admire a beautiful woman but they want to have sex with a hot one, and will do almost anything to have it.

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big difference for me.

Hot... very sexual, not the girl you bring home to momma, sleeper

Beautiful... classy looks, desirable, keeper

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Beautiful = F*ckable

Hot = Extremely F*ckable


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you can look at some one and think they are hot. you have to know some one to truly see thir beauty

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Is this question for guys only? lol

I think beautiful is they see what you are inside (personality)

Hot is just for looks.

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Beautiful to a guy is just that, some one you adore inside and out.

A women being hot, and sexy. You should know the rest of it. Agree with THEBIGM

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Well, hot and beautiful are two totally different terms. There is a very fine line between the two. If you ask me, I would rather like to be called beautiful than hot. Hot is used when you're just being superficial but a girl is actually much deeper than you can ever imagine. Every beautiful girl can't be hot and every hot girl can't be beautiful. That is how it goes.

A girl is hot when she is extremely attractive (from the outside), not just because of her looks, because of her attitude, her personality, her style, the way she walks, the way she dresses up, her body language etc. She knows how to carry herself and is full of confidence. She's usually the one having a standard and a class. She knows she's got something! You can be hot without being naturally pretty. Maybe you don't have a button nose, maybe you don't have full lips, maybe you're not having an incandescent complexion, maybe your skin is not flawless but you can still manage to have half of the High School guys dying to ask you out, that is exactly what hotness can do. But beauty, it is within and you need to penetrate inside her to reach her soul in order to know whether she is beautiful or not. Beautiful girls don't usually know they're beautiful but every hot girl knows she is. Beauty is natural. Hotness is 'made' or 'developed'.

Tell a girl she's hot and not pretty, she'll remember it for the rest of her life. Personal experience, you know? It has happened to me, not once, not twice, not thrice but many times and it sucks big time.

And if you see it from a guy's point of view, they admire and adore beautiful girls but just want to go out with hot ones or maybe they just want to hook up with them.

Megan fox is hot, Taylor Swift is beautiful.

So yes, there is a HUGE difference between the two when we see it from a guy's side, they think beautiful girls are keepers and hot ones are just made so that you can get into her pants.

Well, I find the word hot somewhat 'offensive'. :)

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Hot is a word to describe a woman that a guy doesn't care deeply about but just wants to have sex with.

Beautiful is a word to describe a woman that makes a guy wish he was a better man and he would do anything to make her feel like a priority.

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Heck yea, there's a difference! I'm a girl and I'm answering this, I know guys very well and read them very well. If a guy says "You're hot"- he doesn't really care to get to know you on a personal level, or is just dating you because you're good looking. If a guy says "You're Beautiful" after a month of dating, he's falling for you.. if a guy says "You're Beautiful" after a week of knowing eachother then he's trying to make you fall for him or trying to get in your pants. If your boyfriend looks you straight in the eyes and says "You're Beautiful"- he means it. I think beautiful isn't about how you look- it's about who you are, your inner-self. I know a lot of guys who tell their girlfriends, who aren't the prettiest girls around, they're beautiful and mean it. And that's because of their inner beauty. I get pissed of a guy calls me beautiful and doesn't know me lol, I'm like "How can you say that without knowing me?" The word hot is based on your looks, the word beautiful is primarily based on your inner-self.. make sense :)

Take care!!


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my boyfriend always calls me hot. i told him it makes me feel like a **** when you say that i wanna be pretty or beautiful. he just stopped and in shock and awe was like no they deffently mean the same thing. so i guess hot its just a combination of a good body and a good attitude/personality. i guess hot just means your beautiul inside AND out. while beautiful is just the inside. both are a good thing :)

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Yes there is a difference. Jessica Beil is hot. Katherine Hepburn was beautiful.

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what pix said. lol

your so politically correct Pix.

your beautiful n hot.

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Yes. Too drunk to make much sense, but "hot" would mean a sexual turn on, beautiful might not.

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I'm not sure I am qualified to answer this but I am going to anyway.

There are plenty of Hot women that I don't consider traditionally beautiful. The one that leaps to mind is Angelina Jolie. She is quirky and kind of odd looking but that doesn't stop me from thinking very inappropriate thoughts about her.

On the other side of that question, there are lots of beautiful women for whom I have no physical or sexual attraction. I think Audrey Hepburn is perhaps one of the most beautiful women of all time, but I never viewed her in a sexual context.

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A beautiful girl is usually a nice girl.

Hot usually refers to superfreak.

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To my mind, someone hot is provocative. Someone who's beautiful is one who I can admire without getting my libido going.

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Hot is "Damn! I'd like to **** her and maybe get to know her later"

Beautiful is "Oh, I want to get to know her more and see where things go"

Only what I think... And this doesn't apply to all men!

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no - it all depends on whether we say yes

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