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I used to be scared to death of public speaking and talking on the phone. Now I teach companies how to use the computer and am on the phone all day.
KayKai KayKai 26-30, F 8 Answers Jan 10, 2013 in Hobbies

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I overcame social ineptness and naivety. <br />
I don't think it made me a better person, in the relative terms of "good" and "bad". It did make me a more successful person. I used to be an open book, naive and trusting. Now I'm paranoid and a seriously good liar. But I do have an active social life, a partner and a study, things I couldn't even dream of back then.

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there is only a few situations that I beleive that I did not come out a better person. One situation thats is over now but is still messing with my head but to find your deceased mother in a creek 5 days after her accident, it just dosnt go away, every time i see pictures or think about her them images of pulling her up out of the water haunts my mind... :(

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