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Freedom isn't free.

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Don't eat the yellow snow

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That life and love is precious. That having food, a roof over our heads and clean clothes and soap are essentials. That having good morals (wherever they come from) is a treasure.

That alcohol kills.

That sex and love go together.

To take the time to choose your friends and your lifemate.

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I'm sorry we ****** up the environment and wasted the earth's resources.

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Nice trick if you're gay ( i'm sayin nuttin, just observin :-) )

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I'd like them to know of and remember who they came from and keep an eye on where they are going

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wear sunscreen

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Don't be selfish

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Forgive us for destroying your planet.

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"We're sorry, the number you have reached cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again."

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yes it's called "Daddy's gonna live forever" with a song

"I'm gonna live forever...

i'm gonna learn how to fly...

I feel it coming together...

People will see me and cry...

I'm gonna make it to heaven...

Light up the sky like a flame...

I'm gonna live forever...

people will remember my name..."

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