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That is wonderful....I reconnected this year, with my first love (we were both teenagers), and my father thought we were too young to know what love was, and sent my guy on his way. (I was a minor). I found him this year, and we were both single, so we started going down memory lane, talking via email, then calling, then he came out here.....and to top it off, we just got married!!! All of this, after a 36 year separation.....True love never dies.....(Parents....what do they know...LOL)

We give my dad a hard time about it, in fun....I think in a way, he feels bad....but, we are thankful for the chance to be together again, and more in love than ever!

I think a lot of it depends on the reason he/she is your old love.....was it your choice/his choice/someone else's choice? Sometimes, when you are younger, it's just a matter of growing up a little bit, but you were really meant to be together all along....In our case, he had asked me to marry him, which were going to wait till I was done with school, but I think it scared my dad, who was in Bible college, studying to be a, we had no choice...we kind of felt "ripped" apart....

But, it's all good, now!!! Congratulations and best wishes to you both!!

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Although I loved all of them-god forbid if I should ever see one of them-they were all mean. They just take and leave-I was not a good judge of character I guess+ I am an idiot!lol

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that's very romantic; there's few stories like that were old love or old flame reunite and be together. Cherish it because this doesn't happen a lot. you guys are meant to be.

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