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Hmmmm, apparently you cant remember what you typed a couple months ago. Alright, i'll use your terminology. If you ever gad a chance of having an "intelligent discussion " with you, you destroyed it by being an immature jackass . You're mad that people dont agree with you so instead you hide behind insults and have convinced yourself that the only acceptable POV is yours. Grow up and learn to argue like an adult rather that a 5 year old.

This is what you sound like.

"Mommy theyre being mean to me!!!"

"Tell them what they said wasnt nice."

"You guys are idiotic, moronic, delusional creatures of a lower life form. Whoever has an opinion other than mine should go die in a devil-pit. YAYYYYYYY i boosted my pathetically low self confidence by bashing other people."

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Perhaps if you stopped degrading and rudely dismissing everyone's answers to your questions as "pure, unadulterated bullshit", you would have a chance at having a decent conversation. Learn some basic chatting etiquette and try again. People are, for the most part, trying to have conversations with you, and they are perfectly justified in getting just a little upset when you say incredibly rude and offensive comments.

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I'm not interested in having "decent conversations. I said "serious discussion" idiot. You don't read what's written and whinge at me. If people make statements like you just have, which has nothing to do with the topic at all, I call you a halfwit, an arsehole or whatever I like. get used to it moron.
Nobody has tried to have a conversation with me except one person, briefly. Mostly they veer off like you have and start quoting things they made up and attribute to me. You don't get away with that shite with me cretin. Enough rudeness for you to feel justified in your miosguided statement claiming something I never raised? Hmmm?

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not many ... only lasts five seconds before the distraction kicks in

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Even tho I tend to provide moronic or sarcastic comments to a lot of questions, I am capable of holding an intelligent conversation. Typically, if you precede your question with something like "SERIOUS:", then I will answer it seriously.

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