it doesnt have to have been in a romantic relationship any relationship where you truly loved the person who hurt u beyond hurt/if so i would love to talk to u on a very serious level i really need someone to discuss this with .please only serious replies this is painful enough for me i have never sought help in anyway from a stranger especially on the internet/thankyou in advance
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Your question brings to mind, an old saying: "in every friendship, there is the possibility of Betrayal.

By all means of logic, we should have the wisdom to realize this, and never allow ourselves to be put in a situation of being Betrayed, beyond the expected.

It is the first betrayal, which should wise us up to the trend. There should be not second betrayal. But E-coli happens.

Yes, it's true, I have been betrayed, by a Love which I trusted so greatly, I had no idea it would ever happen. To this day, I'll never know where I failed. And, I'll never know her reason. It is this kind of Betrayal, that breaks the heart beyond belief.

It changes the way one thinks of Love. It takes years to adjust enough to trust again, but you never can let your guard down, ever. That Scar, destroys you. There is no healing from a Betrayal. But, there are ways to prevent it from occurring again, without anyone knowing.

This takes a level of discipline, untold.

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Yes, it happens at least once in everyones life..i would be most welling to speak to you if you need to..if not just remember you live an learn dear,everything tht happens in our lives is a lesson. Go to my profile an read my blogs sweetie,maybe it can help you in some way...your heart will mend,an things will get better, but your soul will forever be scared.

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yea........but i don't want to talk about it

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