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No one but i made my own melody for certain moods

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o.O if someone did i would feel many things.



Creeped out

creeped OUT

KrEPT dOut xD

blush on the inside

Awkward -_-

It is fare from pleasing me, it would over all scare me, i would think they are obsessed o.o it would be beautiful if wrote a poem about me but then again i would not feel at ease. idk them emotions are difficult for me. I have sealed my heart up, to keep it safe :) for me and god/Jesus

I think i could fall in love but it all depends on the person >.> i have standards and i try to live a godly life, if the so called person that desire me cannot do the same, for ever on the friendly level we shall be :P

I feel like i am committing idolatry or for say cheating spiritually if set my heart on someone that do not share my love for Christ, The Holy Spirit and The father.

The Trinity all is one, one love, one faith, one family :)

Man hard not to rant on and on and on xD

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