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I've not technically been diagnosed but I have all the symptoms and requirements for diagnoses. And I am tired of anorexia ruining my life. But I know on my own I will NEVER get better. I will always cling to my eating disorder. And I am sure there are others out there, So I am wondering if anyone would like to help me stay on track of getting better, and I can help you as well! Let me know, and thank you!
FullOfEmpty FullOfEmpty 16-17, F 1 Answer May 22, 2011

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I am not anorexic but I used to be. I would like to help you, would this be a daily thing that I would commit to? I don't have a blackberry so I don't always get my emails until I am on the computer.<br />
<br />
Please let me know! : )

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Qi don't have black berry either, I use my iPod, and ya I was hoping daily thing.
I'm not sure right now if I am committed to getting better, but I know I'm going to have to sooner or later and that I should at least start thinking about it.
The only thing stopping me from fighting this is I don't have a diagnoses. I'm waiting for diagnoses, otherwise I'm denying there's a problem. I need diagnoses so I have nothing left to hide behind

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I know what you're feeling. I was in complete denial as well. I wanted to disappear and the voice of reason wasn't resonating through my head. If you want to get better and you are seeking salvation, it may be good to see a therapist or counselor to discuss your feelings with them. They can diagnose you and give you the help it sounds like you are craving.

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