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i started started para aide subbing for the school district, in 3 wks ive only had 3 calls to sub, im really enjoying this new experience and would like to do it more often, im enjoying being around 5 yr olds all day and someone had suggested i volunteer to spend more time with them but im afraid if i do that i will get even less calls and im out of work so id rather get paid even though i enjoy it, im bilingual too so i thought the schools would enjoy having someone bilingual, people seem to like me and noone's ever complained, i do get a little shy since it is something new ive been doing, never done this before, is it true they call more often the more you accept jobs? ive heard rumors like that, im hoping someday i'll get hired permanently but in the meantime what can i do so i get called more often? its not about just the money, im really enjoying the experience of spending the day with children, i dont have my own so i like to borrow others, any suggestions?
lederman lederman 51-55, F 2 Answers Nov 11, 2012 in Community

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