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There have being many times when in life I have felt stabs of love pain through my body wether from friends,love ones or lovers but sometimes strangers or your surroundings in the world makes you feel you must not give up! The greatest love comes from within yourself. If when I feel let down from loved ones then I know it's time to give me plenty of my own time to SELF.

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What we become inside is what we find outside. People wonder why God doesn't heal the world, but God isn't the one that screwed up, we are. Knowledge doesn't come from owning a book... it comes from reading the book, thinking about it, learning from its contents... but what good is the knowledge you gain if you cannot apply it. Now, knowing how to change a lightbuld is not going to make you a master cake baker... it has to be applied in context, but what good is knowing how to change a lightbulb if your desire is to live in darkness. What good is it to bake a man cake, if you are constantly on a diet.

What I mean to say is that the love in your heart wasn't out there to stay because love isn't love till you give it away. Not everyone will return that love, stay away from those people, but some people will nuture that love...and help it grow... and pass it on. But if everyone waits on everyone else to make the first move... nothing is gonna get done!

Life is for the living, get out and live it. :D

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love is also a kind of greed my friend...and dont give up right now you are too young.

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Have you met all 7 billion people on earth? Go out and find new people. Love is everywhere, just waiting for ya.

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Humans are no more or less loving, nor more or less evil, than they ever have been. There's a lot of love in the world if you know how and where to look for it, and there's also a lot of evil, or plain old douchebaggery (that's a word now).

I think most people are actually good people in their own way, which isn't always easy to undertand, but there are some who just don't care, don't have any empathy, and leave a wake of unhappiness behind them wherever they go.

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