I'm a very quiet, introverted butch female. I know in most cases the butches do the chasing but I'm not that way. In fact I fear rejection and have a problem with showing vulnerability after my previous relationship. That coupled with the fact that I am a socially awkward, solitary person and can't always be around another human being for long periods of time... do you think there's hope for me still?
thisisshar thisisshar 18-21, F 5 Answers Dec 19, 2012 in LGBT

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bet your *** there is hope, get back on the saddle and i bet in no time you will find someone who adores you for being you. all the best to you

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There is always hope. I thought I would never find someone who could deal with my crazy, I got admitted and met my life partner. Love comes in all types and shapes and it can be found in even the most improbable of places.

Never lose hope, you are great as you are, and trust me when I tell you that somewhere, there's a lid to your cup :)

Hugs and support ;)

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Thats a rare combination butch with quiet introvertedness, never seen that before.

Well you may have less chances but one thing you can be happy about. You got a lot more of a chance then a Male who is like you.

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Yes. There is hope. Don't give up on yourself so easily. Even if all others leave you, never leave yourself. All the best with your future endeavours :)

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I'd love to give you the tough end of my stick

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