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If you heard "you so hot" 100 times one day, and none the next, would it make you depressed? Maybe push you to expose some more skin in the next pics you post? Or make the biggest duck lips you can?? BTW ladies, the duck lips aren't workin for anyone.. quack quack
notheaverageguy notheaverageguy 31-35, M 1 Answer Dec 3, 2012 in Hobbies

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Oh that.. mean there's too much high praise for regular, everyday things or activities.. I don't know if there's too much, over all. I'm sure there are people who don't feel like they get enough for the right thing. ..and I'm sure there are people who go ''nuclear'' with their every single comment. I agree, when everything is answered with "AMAZING! WONDERFUL! BRILLIANT (British)!! it takes away from those things that those words were designed for. It creates a certain inflation on the vocab, doesn't it? <br />
positive reinforcement is something else. That's when desired behavior is rewarded or un desirable behavior is punished through the actions of the enforcer. it's like playing the ''hot/cold'' game. Positive reinforcement can be a comment or compliment, tho. However it would come after a certain behavior from the other.

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