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I do not know how your relationship is. Just do not let this fear get in the way of your thinking. Once you have let this fear do that the relationship is already over.

Most people think getting to know someone means being alone with them. So far from the truth. To truely get to know a person you need to see who the person is when he is around his friends. That is where people let their gaurd down. Yet so many people turn a blind eye or act is if the things he or she is doing with friends are not happening.

If the relationship is truely good do not listen to other people. Peers are just as guilty when it comes to relationships failing. It is likely a great relationship but they choose one thing that is not perfect and attack the relationship based on that. If you are ever in that situation STOP AND THINK.

1. What is this person movite?

2. Is this person in a relationship?

3. Is the relationship the person is good or bad?

If the person is not in a relationship and is always in a new one then the person is most likely clueless. If they are in a relationship but it is bad they are simply just trying to get you to their level.

I know it may not have been advice you are looking for but I hope it helps some what.

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I will take about any advice I can get. thank you. I am just an obsessive worry. I just don't want to get hurt again, I just finished fixing myself from another bad relationship, I don't need another one you know?

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Just do not let the last relationship be the demise of this one. Had a few women do that to me. Saying I am like their ex blah blah blah and I was nothing but good to them.

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