Is theres someone out here manage to get their ex back after a long separation or even divorce? do you believe in the saying if it is meant for you it will come back to you?
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I met my wife when she was turning 40 and I was 32... it was lustCrush at first sight...

I hired her for a job just so I could get to know her better...

She went to Africa for 4 months and I wrote her airmail letters twice a week while she was there.

When she returned, we had a torrid 3 month affair. Then she left me with no word of why. 3 months of weekly letters. She took me back... 1 month later... boom! Gone!

After a year, we regained a friendship that lasted 10 years... we married... that was 15 years ago.

Today she is leaving me again... this time to madness and/or dementia.

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Yeah I called the vashikarn baba and all my problem of my ex was sorted out. Try out some time by calling him and depositing money in his account.

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Wow, what a lovely question. I would love to read some positive reconciliation experiences on this.

I hope I can truly believe in this. But, when someone you love is now happy in their marriage, for their sake it will be better to let them be.

I so much wish, that I could get back.....but..

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Not really yet but I hoping too maybe some day.

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Yes and it was a total waste of time, sO good luck,

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