When you ask a question they look like thier laughing at you and as though thier trying to hold back thier laughter? And when you ask them a question they say they dont know and when you ask them to show you proof they wont? Could you please tell me do you think this is a sign they are lying? Thankyou.
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Maybe, maybe not. It could be that what you asked is so absurd they can't help but laugh.

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Sometimes the laughter may come from them either not believing you're asking the question for integrity of their character that should be noticed by now, or they may be evil and enjoy the not knowing and want to ag it on. I can tell you a few tips I learned throughout the years and in my classes though.

#1- jittery voice- If when they do give a straight answer they are jittery in their voice or may be clear their throat a lot, it might be a sign of lying.

#2- shifting eyes- When they answer you, forensic scientists say that 70% of the if the person looks to right of you, they are lying and if they look left, they are thinking.

#3-dialating eyes- When they answer straight and look straight at you, if their eyes dialate, they are reliving the experience in their mind and the eyes are remembering the exact lighting issue for the image they see, so this might be a sign of lying as well.

#4- crossed arms or fiddling - These actually don't mean necessarily lying, they are nonverbal cues to shut someone out, but could be associated with not wanting to answer a question because of a lie

Hope that helps, that's just what I've picked up in my life, communication degree, a cheating spouse, and raising 5 girls.


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If they refuse to answer your question they aren't exactly lying. They're just not telling the whole truth.

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well what did you ask them ???

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I think we would need to know more to answer the question you're trying to ask.

If it is just as it is though, no. They may not want to answer the question, be embarassed by it, not be taking you seriously, be offended by it- there are endless possibilities. Me, I smile when I'm delivering the worst news. Can't help it. Doesn't mean I'm lying.

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Some of it is going to depend on the question asked and how the person responds to it.

Is it something some people might find embarrassing? Sometimes people who are embarrassed will look like they are trying to hold in laughter when really they are trying no to look embarrassed.

Is it something really personal about the other person? They may have been raised not to answer personal questions and to feel that asking them is very bad manners.

Is this a relationship question? A casual aquaintance? A sibling? A parent? A teacher? An employee? So many times, reactions mean different things depending on your relationship with the reactee.

I agree with Writebrain that if they say they don't know, just let it go.

Also, it's not scientifically proven that people that look to the left are lying. There is much to be said for visual accessing, but you have to know the baseline for each person and how they access memories before you can tell if any of their visual accessing shows them telling a falsehood.

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Are you confident that someone you're asking REALLY has the answer to your question? It really helps to not be unsure or shaky when you ask. Don't be afraid the question is dumb; my grandfather always said "The only stupid question is the one you never ask, and never find the answer."

AND...if someone tells you they don't know the answer, LET IT GO. If you ask them to show you proof they don't know, you are as good as telling them that you don't believe them, and imply THEY are lying. Not a good spot to be in with anyone.

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Yes it could wll be. Or maybe they are just the type of people to be giggly in certian situations - that hapens to me sometimes if somebody asked me somthing even if I was telling the truth I may smile and be like no.

One way to tell a lier - when somebody is telling a lie - they feel the need to go into extreme detail that is uncalled for. Like take for example if they said they they got a new red dress and you said oh right did you. They would prehaps go on to elaborate the story by adding a whole story as to how they got it.

I dont know if that gets my point across - but I usually find that when people lie they make a point of going into too much detail.

Lies are usually picked up on at some point thankfully :)

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It could be either nerves, confusion, they think what you are saying is so ridiculous it's laughable. However, it could also indeed be a sign of deception. It's hard to tell without being there; Shamugla had some good pointers, i would recommend employing a few of his/her methods, as they're signs i'd also look for. Can spot a liar at 20 paces, but it's much harder when you don't know someone well. If you really feel you're being lied to, chances are, i'm afraid that you probably are, as you know this person well and suspect something stinks. Can give you an almost foolproof way of finding out though if you like; next time the person in question is in front of a mirror for a couple minutes, whie doing their hair, say, stand behind them so you can see their reflection in the mirror (casually, dont make a big thing of it). Firstly ask two innoccuous questions; for example, what they want for tea and how their day was. This will relax them so that when you ask the 'killer' question, they will react completely genuinely. Talk to their reflection at all times and study their reaction closely to the question you want the truth about. You will be astounded at how many liars, however skilled and devious, simply cannot lie to themselves, to their own faces. They will betray themselves no matter how good they think they are, i promise. Hope this helps & good luck chuck! x PS i agree completely with Madsock about the baseline-this is what the two innocent questions provide.

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It's probably a sign they don't take the question seriously, not neccessarily that they are lying.

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I have to say to you" Yes and No". Sometimes people use laughing to hide the truth. But not everyone is like that. Ask them to be serious to answer twinky.

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With my ex yes, yes it was. I don't think I will ever be so blind to trust some one who laughs, smirks or shrugs their shoulders with a **** eating grin EVERY time I ask a SIMPLE question again.

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