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. We met in november of last year, he approached me, im a virgo After talking over the phone and him always calling and texting we went on our first date, it was wonderful and we kiss. But after that he became distant yet still caring, helpful and somewhat possesive and overly jealous. He would go days of not calling me or return my calls. I.never hear from him, so.i stop calling him. For a whole month i did see him at work, he would give me the silent treatment and leave the room when i enter. But i would always catch him looking at me when he thinks im not looking. So after a month i had to change my number, and since we work together i called him to let him know, we strtd talkin, things were great until he me for days.I sent him a txt telling him i deserve bete, norply from him, so take it he doesnt care. He went back to ignorin me, leaving the office whenever i come there, if im around hes always lookin at me, and tlkin other girls to get me jealous, i dont understand
lovessa lovessa 18-21, F 1 Answer Feb 9, 2013 in Dating & Relationships

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I'm a taurus... and when it comes to dating and love, I've been known to do stupid things. My stupidity always came from either something else in the way of what I wanted, or me trying to project an image that I really wanted someone to appreciate, yet done in a totally obscure ultimately pointless way. From your age, I'm assuming your taurus friend is young as well. I can tell you he's probably inexperienced, nervous, and uncertain about how to proceed. He likes you but believes there is something in the way in stopping him from proceeding in a "normal" way. He's doing this because he does like you, but feels conflicted between with what he wants, what he needs to do, and what he FEELS he needs to do. He's acting this way because he wants you to know he's still there but is stubborn and unable to express himself in a manner that is both mature and effective. Young taurus men are stupid when it comes to matters of the heart. He's doing this because he doesn't feel capable of approaching the situation without these ineffective measures. He's trying to protect his feelings, he's probably dealing with extraneous factors, yet he wants to contact you, and feels this is the best way, even though it's apparently non-sensical.

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But why Doesn't he just call me, i send him a texting that night telling him i deserve better, and he never replied, why didnt he then. Yet he called my phone a,week later at ten in the morning asking for work colleagues number, who he talks to all the time. He never had to call me, he shouldve their number saved in his phone. I dont understand him, i feel like hes plsying games with me. Which is why i refuse to wait on him to call me any longer. And hes older than me. Im 22, hes 36. I feel like sm the,mature,one in all of this hes a business,man well establish but i feel like,hes slow and,playing gameswhen it comes to love

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Ah, well in that case, being that much older... he's either nuts, or he IS playing games and probably has several people on the side. Your best bet is to stay away from him. Find someone closer to your own age. This won't turn out well.

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