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I was looking through a forum, on paranormal events. A guy commented and I would like your opinion on it. ''The best explanation for SHC seems to be an extreme form of a peculiar and obscure disease that causes small, painful "burn tracks" on he body (a small blue light (mini flame)t can be seen in the dark when the track are being made).--It happens in older people It is due to a high Potassium concentration and nitrogen imbalance in the skin and Sweat. The relative little sweat in the ankle and foot area may be why the feet are often not consumed. Anybody who has ever played around with Potassium Nitrate can understand what might have happened if they ever set a small pile of poorly mixed gunpowder on fire.---Burns white hot like a fuse and even through the boards of the table it sits on Source(s): Old Medical Book, Chemical experiments as a child.'' There IS potassium AND nitrate in the body, and when they come together they form potassium nitrate. Some people have
Jaldees Jaldees 22-25, M 2 Answers Jul 9, 2014 in Health

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