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True love is selfless and unconditional, to awaken your innocence that you lock away by subconsciously using your ego to suppress it. Without our ego we cannot be aware of our pain and hidden feelings we cannot acknowledge without being aware of it first, that is why the ego exists, but our innocence doesn't need to hide behind it if you are trusting of your innocence to sacrifice the safety of your ego to fully express yourself. That is how you awaken unconditional love. Dogs do not have egos because they don't need it, they're born free from our humanized pain that we suffer due to our enhanced self-awareness. They are completely innocence, we need our ego to beware of pain and accept it.

Yin = Innocence

Yang = Ego

Balance = You

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true love is despite those things. btw, complimentariness is not a word.

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Complimentariness isn't that's why I said complementariness:

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