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Ya, hey what's up with that kinda perv? While we're at it let's stop using the word rock! They have names. We will call them by their real name to save their feelings. A nother one is politician, what an ugly name that is, how bout we quit using that word, I find that one particularly offensive. What would be a better name for that particular type of people? How bout, oh idk, umm, hmmm, how boit we call them what they are, lying, thieving, hypocritical, conniving, perverted control freaks. Hmm, what's one word that would describe that person without offending everyone? Well, I can only think of one, POLITICIAN! And by the way, if somebody's name offends you, you can go **** your ****! And when your done with that then you can ###!! In your +++++-+. Now you go have a wonderful day. You ever want to talk look me up.

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Not exactly a Real Manly Man's last name is it .

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omg, so true :D the first thought that comes up in my mind every time i hear his name.

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