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I just came online and was in the answers section and was surprised to find yet another reference to being blocked by the SAME person! I thought to address the issue once and it's done, OVER, but apparently there seems to be some DEEEEEEP emotional or mental scarring that was caused to this one person in particular. I have NEVER had this kind of reaction from anyone else that I've been offended by and blocked. The posting that I made to the first response had been removed, probably flagged which is the only way that can happen and so I went on and submitted another posting and explained to this individual that they are taking this EP stuff entirely too serious and that they needed to move on. I blocked to avoid THIS SCENARIO and here it is I was falling into it anyway. So now I have informed the person that I will ignore any further postings about this as it only feeds into what I wanted to avoid in the first place. It's just so friggin weird that this happened!!!!
Comprehensive2 Comprehensive2 31-35 3 Answers Jul 30, 2009

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What do u think? U just go with your gut feeling. Some people are difficult, some are just impossible. U just go with what your heart tells u. If you think it is obsessive, then u need to deals with it like any kind of addiction.

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Well, the fact that BOTH of you are dragging your drama into the Q&A section means BOTH of you are at fault. If you IGNORE the other person, he/she will stop. Sorry if that offends you, but it's true.

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I wish that that kind of behavior was illegal. It's just plain scary.

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