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An optimist falls down a flight of stairs, gets up and says "Hey, nothing broken!"

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Life, my friend, is like a roller coaster. For every up, there is a down. Sometimes you get lots of ups in a row and you get spoiled and forget, but soon enough you'll be brought back down. On the flip side, you can have a long period of downs, and you get depressed and forget about the ups. But like the reverse, the ups will come.

You just have to keep the faith, and enjoy the ride!

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Calm down.

Get to a point where your thought melt away.

Now listern to that tiny voice in the back of your mind.

And trust it.

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Don't ignore the bad feeling, but don't wallow in it either.

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Think how Your life compares ton those in Japan's Miyagi prefecture.

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Bigdaddyhec86 - often things look bad when we dont have anywhere exciting to look. I would like to suggest you look at what is going on for you right now and. what is the lesson you need to learn.. what choices did you make that could of created a different outcome... then look at how you want your life to be different - what is the BIG picture.. then break it down into smaller steps so that you can achieve them

It sounds a bit task - the worst step is looking at what you can, could or did do... then look for alternate ways to achieve what you were hoping for.

Hope this helps.

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well im gunna say pray...even if people don't agree.

but other than that what makes me feel pretty good is:

Writing-song, poem, book, letter

Talking-w/ a friend, God (or your god), yourself, sibling, parent, random hobo


Internet it up!



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