This is a question on my Exams and ive spent hell knows HOW LONG studying but i never get this right. Ik stupid question to miss but still. i tried to look it up on Google or but No Luck. Any Anwsers?
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"what is up?" i do not know what you are getting at with that question


now, what do i get for a prize?

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u get a question. Wth is up with yo profile pic?

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You're not looking online in the right manner.

Although you should NEVER cite wikipedia for an essay, it's good for basic questions. Where things are on a map is pretty basic. Hit up the USSR page and you'll see a map that shows all the soviet republics. Cross-reference that with google maps, and you'll see where the Black and Caspian seas are.,49.833984&spn=64.039328,135.263672&t=h&z=4 />

There are three countries (former soviet republics) between the two seas.

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One could look at a pre-break-up map.

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Can you find the seas on a map? The Black Sea is north of Turkey and the Caspian Sea is north of Iran.

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