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You really have to ask yourself some tough why questions. Why have you lost all sense of hope and happiness? Your profile shows you as a member of a "I have a broken heart" group.

Life is more than a relationship with another person. What about the relationship with yourself?

You don't make yourself happy again. You discover what it is that makes you happy and explore that.

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happiness never comes from outside... outside things can only distract you for a short time until something inside you realizes its been conned and you then get bored and move on to the next distraction.

sounds stupid but.... have you ever really tried or practiced being happy.....?

Or is your happiness just a prisoner of some ethereal whim or circumstance?

Find your happy place LOL

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Read good self-help books..Avoid all negative influences.."Learned Optimism" is one good book..

Theres a great chance you can get around this so thats one idea ..Good Luck:)

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If a person is unhappy, it could be because they are breaking certain principles of happiness. Figure what principles you are fighting and then do the opposite.

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You could start by looking forward to tommorrow instead of being unhappy today.

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